Well, I see here I did say I would start writing right after the summer of 2021 and here we are, 2 days after summer ended.

I want to start by thanking everyone for the unbelievable send off and avalanche of mail I received as I went out the door at CHOM. I really was overwhelmed by the kindness I was shown and I tried to answer as much of the mail as I could. If i didn’t get to you, please accept my apology.

Leaving was really emotional and it’s been quite a summer. Ask anyone who changes a routine of 35+ years and they’ll tell you it’s a bit of a roller coaster. The freedom from the terror of the 330am alarm has been great. As has the freedom to do as I please with my days.

Anyone who listened to the show over the years knows how much I love this country and we’ve spent the summer moving about it.

I needed to get away from Montreal and the routine so we moved around a lot this summer. We still have not decided where we’re going to land but I can tell you it will be mostly in my wife Jess’s hands. She has been so supportive these last few years as I had to navigate my way through an industry I love that was changing so quickly and about to show me the door. To say nothing of waking her up every morning at 3:30. It’s her turn now and I will support whatever she wants to do.

The podcast with Ted has been an absolute ball. It’s been great to work unencumbered by restrictions of any kind. We have been having a lot of fun and have been thrilled with the reaction to the podcast. If you haven’t heard it, you can find it on this Linktree:

The Terry & Ted Podcast

Terry DiMonte & Ted Bird bring you Standing By: The Terry & Ted Podcast.


We did ten episodes for our first season with really great support from Jaguar Landrover Laval, Matelas Bonheure and our long time friends at Merson. There are plans for a season 2 and, I have decided to do a Christmas Episode.

Every year during my radio run, just before I went on holidays, I’d do a Christmas show. This year, we’ll put it together in podcast form. I figure that way, people can listen to our guests, Santa, my Mom and others while wrapping or baking or whatever the holidays bring in your house. Details on that in the coming weeks.

Hope you’ll come back and visit as I promise to blog more here in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the visit!