Becoming a 40-year veteran of the broadcasting industry can only be achieved if you love the connection with your audience, and they love you back.

It was when CBC Radio decided to take a shot on a young 19-year old broadcaster willing to pack up his two pairs of jeans and three boxes of stuff and head to Churchill, Manitoba. Terry DiMonte, the voice which filled the airwaves, was born in Montreal, harbouring a love for radio since childhood.

In Winnipeg, Terry worked alongside names like Gary Aube, Steve Young, Brother Jake Edwards, Howard Mandshein, Andy Frost, Steve Warden and Doc Steen. He even developed a life-long friendship with legendary Winnipeg morning man Don Percy. After a brief foray into the record business working with bands like Streetheart, Queen City Kids, and Kick Axe, Terry landed at CHOM’s morning show in November 1984.

After an original seven-year run at CHOM, DiMonte moved over to MIX 96 (CJFM-FM) and drove the station to rating success in the ‘90s. His journey then continued in 1998 when he took over from the legendary George Balcan at CJAD 800. After a brief stint back at CHOM, and a four-year stay at Q107 (CFGQ-FM) in Calgary, Terry returned to CHOM to rock Montrealers’ mornings for over a decade.

Often referred to as the best morning man or the friend we’ve never met, but is always there, Terry DiMonte allowed Canadians to enjoy music and stories every morning to kickstart the day with a smile. He became an ambassador for his hometown of Montreal and its rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

Following a storied 43-year career in broadcasting, Terry announced his retirement at the end of May 2021.

Terry DiMonte is a name weaved into the cultural fabric of Montreal, with a strong passion and dedication for music, the audience, and the community. He profoundly understands the responsibility that came with occupying a chair on morning radio: To give back.

Terry’s voice and personality reached several charities and community events over the last 37 years. He was an active participant of fundraisers and charities, including Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence, The Montreal General Hospital Foundation, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of West Island, Sun Youth, Dans La Rue, West Island Community Shares, and the Missing Children’s Network. Recently, he gave his support to L’Itineraire and the Saving Station Foundation.

Two weeks before his final show at CHOM, DiMonte was inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame.

Following his last broadcast on May 28, 2021, Terry and his wife Jessica relocated to British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

Lately, Terry has been working on Standing By: The Terry & Ted Podcast with Ted Bird. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast by clicking on the Media tab at the top of this page.

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